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Welcome to PerioPassionTM Dental Seminars!

This is the only seminar that has it all. Join us at our next seminar and let our professional team introduce you to the newest, most comprehensive and effective protocols to diagnose and treat periodontal disease and improve total body health within the dental profession.

Training Topics

  • Step-by-Step clinical protocols
  • Scientific evidence
  • Periodontal nutrition
  • Gut health & inflammation
  • Phase contrast microscopy
  • DNA and blood testing
  • Soft tissue laser therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Advanced oral cancer screening
  • Oral hygiene tips and tricks

Registration Includes Free Bonuses:

  • Complete clinical protocol (Priceless!)
  • Step-by-step electronic manual ($1,995 value)
  • Includes ready-to-use letters, consents, forms, & documents for easy customization
  • Clinical chairside reference guide—electronic ($495 value)
  • Group education PowerPoint—ready for you to present ($395 value)
She is a fantastic, engaging teacher, who has put together a brilliant system not just for the elite dental patients, but for the ‘bread and butter’ patients of a dental practice that leads them to a superior state of total body wellness.

Thank you, Lisa Marie. It was well worth the effort to bring my hygienist and come all the way from Australia to learn from you.

Dr. Philip Stein, Sidney, Australia

The attendees are not only pleased with the course, they seem to be yearning for more of what she has to teach. I highly recommend Dr. Samaha’s seminar for anyone looking to truly enhance the standard of care for their patients.

Robert J. Whitman, MSE, Chief Executive Officer | Forward Science

Thanks Lisa Marie for an amazing perio passion course! Huge case plan acceptance since your course last month, almost 100%!

Tara Griffin, Houston

These past 2 days have been the most profound dental experience that I have had in years…

Dr. Steven Geller, Periodontist, Greenfield, MA

So today I had a chance to attend a Perio Passion Dental Seminar. I just think everyone should know how amazing this woman is. Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha is such an intelligent, innovative, dedicated, and compassionate woman and doctor. It's been a while since I genuinely looked up to someone. When I see the knowledge she has amassed and the passion and love she has for sharing that knowledge with others, it's truly admirable. I had the pleasure of having a dental consultation with her, and every dental appointment I've ever had usually left me in tears. However, with her and her team, I felt welcome, comfortable, and cared about. I learned so much in such a short period of time today. I'm so blessed that I've met her and have an opportunity to study under her direction. I truly recommend her to everyone!

EmaliaMarie Styles

Your conviction to better dentistry is second to none.

Dr. Tim Hale, Walden, NY

We often reflect on our time together in Houston. It was an excellent time of learning and relating. You are maintaining a deep impression on us for your warmth, gratitude, and personal connections. The team is very optimistic for our practice and we have been implementing all of the strategies in your protocol in an organized fashion, as you have taught.

Dr. Tim Tannich

I really love working with Lisa Marie. She has really successfully crossed the opposing hemispheres between the right and left brain. We need more speakers in dentistry like her.

Dr. Bill Domb, Upland, California

Lisa Marie Samaha is a pioneer in the oral systemic field. She possesses volumes of knowledge and experience. What sets her apart from all the others in this area is her unquenchable thirst to learn more, expand and share while maintaining the passion to heal her fellow man. I have not experienced a more enticing learning experience. She also did an incredible job of inspiring my entire team. We are extremely grateful and felt her heart and spirit very alive in her teaching.

Isaac Comfortes, Costa Mesa, California

If you’re looking for help on how to implement a perio program that patients will love or just newfound motivation to get your own program back on track with a renewed staff enthusiasm, this is the course that will do it!

Bill Landers

Dr. Lisa Samaha has a dearth of knowledge when it comes to the management of periodontal disease.  Her dedication and passion to educate others as well as improve the overall health of her patients is phenomenal.  She is one of the leaders at the forefront of the next shift that we are about to experience in whole body Dentistry.

Jean-Max Jean-Pierre, DDS, MDS, Periodontist, Nashville, TN

What is especially unique here is the integration of the info into a highly effective learning package, and a protocol for its implementation.

Dr. Tom Pekar, Ontario, Canada

From the very first night with my sleep apnea device, I experienced a difference. My oral sleep appliance was simple to use - and comfortable.

Instead of waking up with a sore throat gasping, I sleep safe and secure.  I feel like I'm on a floating pillow or drifting in the clouds.  I sleep soundly – and don’t awaken exhausted anymore, thanks to Dr. Samaha. 

Without Dr. Samaha and her gifted skills, I would not feel the same as I do now and my health would be suffering from the many dangerous effects of sleep apnea.

What a gift you are to the dental community, Dr. Samaha; a blessing to your patients, and a friend to all. 

Thanks so much for everything!

Jeffrey Francis, Clinton, Md.

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha is by far, the most competent, advanced, and thorough dentist I have ever met. She has been treating me for my dental needs for decades now, and I have never been disappointed. I am in awe of her skills and expertise!  ....

In more specific and large-scale areas, Dr. Samaha made two crowns for me many years ago.  They are beautiful.  No one would ever know they are there.  Above all, they have lasted the test of time!  ....  Dr. Samaha invested in the latest technology so she could design the crowns herself, each in less than an hour, while I waited. This was especially wonderful because I drive from Maryland to come see her. She made sure my crowns fit to a tee, first go around!

Jeffrey Francis, Clinton, Md.

16 CE Credit Hours, 2 Dynamic Days

October 27th – 28th

Port Warwick Dental Arts
251 Nat Turner Blvd
Newport News, VA 23606

Instructor: Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, FAGD

4 for the price of 1!

1 Dentist + 1 Hygienist + 1 Assistant + 1 Admin
Now $4,495 for all FOUR (reg. 4,995)

AAOSH Keynote Testimonials

Thank You, Lisa Marie!
Your presentation was outstanding and enjoyed by all.
You are wonderful communicator and voice of seasoned reason.
I so appreciate your professional leadership and your personal friendship.

DeWitt Wilkerson, DDS

AAOSH, President

It was a pleasure to hear Lisa Marie speaking at AAOSH in the best tradition of the organization.  She not only has a good grasp of the oral systemic connection but has developed protocols that make it a more straightforward process for an office to enthusiastically adopt a fully functional and profitable program.

Lisa Marie presents a very powerful mixture of the personal and the scientific.

Bill Domb, DDS

AAOSH, Founding Board Member

I’ve known Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha for years yet due to both of our busy speaking schedules, I did not have the pleasure of hearing her lecture until the AAOSH (American Association of Oral Systemic Health) 2016 Conference in Orlando.

Her content and delivery were spot on regarding the Perio/WHC (Whole Health Connection). She is truly a physician of the oral cavity besides being a great dentist.

Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, Virginia Beach, VA

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Samaha’s dynamic keynote presentation at the AAOSH 2016 Scientific Session in Orlando.  Dr Samaha is a compelling, inspiring and passionate speaker. 

Take the time to attend one of her presentations, or hire her to keynote or present workshops at your meetings. She's the real deal – and a delight to behold!

Nancy Clark Crossin, Dental Management Consultant

Lisa Marie killed it- she is the real deal. So proud of her and grateful she shared her knowledge with us as the keynote on clinical protocol for a Total Body Wellness dental practice at the annual meeting of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

Jacque Russo, RN, DDS

AAOSH, Vice President

It was a pleasure to hear Lisa Marie speaking at AAOSH in the best tradition of the organization.  She not only has a good grasp of the oral systemic connection but has developed protocols that make it a more straightforward process for an office to enthusiastically adopt a fully functional and profitable program.

Lisa Marie presents a very powerful mixture of the personal and the scientific.

Jennifer Mudd, BS, RDH

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