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This is the only seminar that has it all. Join us at our next seminar and let our professional team introduce you to the newest, most comprehensive and effective protocols to diagnose and treat periodontal disease and improve total body health within the dental profession.


Join us April 22nd & 23rd!

Perio Arts Institute | Newport News, Virginia.


Founded by Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha

This seminar teaches a clinically complete periodontal diagnosis & treatment system that restores oral & systemic health to patients, generates free referrals from physicians & committed patients, and causes your profits to soar…guaranteed! The information you will learn will not only help you greatly improve your patients dental and systemic health but gain their appreciation, respect and long lasting loyalty. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 


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I really love working with Lisa Marie. She has really successfully crossed the opposing hemispheres between the right and left brain. We need more speakers in dentistry like her.
Dr. Bill Domb, Upland, California
Your conviction to better dentistry is second to none.
Dr. Tim Hale, Walden, NY
It was an amazing experience that has transformed my practice!
Dr. Neal Smith, Michigan
Your course was, and remains, the most informative, career-changing seminar I’ve ever attended.
Stacie Carlson, RDH, Minneapolis, MN
What is especially unique here is the integration of the info into a highly effective learning package, and a protocol for its implementation.
Dr. Tom Pekar, Ontario, Canada
These past 2 days have been the most profound dental experience that I have had in years…
Dr. Steven Geller, Periodontist, Greenfield, MA